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Why choose Above the Line over an in-house a/v provider?

Above the Line can, not only provide higher quality equipment than an in-house audiovisual supplier, but offer it at a lower price.  This is because we do not pay the venue commission.  The average commission paid to a hotel is 45% of every dollar.  What this forces the in-house company to do is cut costs on many of the items that will directly impact your meeting.

  1. BulletAbove the Line invests monthly in new technology.  In-house vendors, after paying hotel commissions, rarely have free capital to keep up with our changing industry.

  2. BulletAbove the Line’s technical staff know how to make you look good.  In-house providers, again due to commissions, have less money to hire, or retain experienced technicians.

  3. BulletWhen the job calls for a camera operator, that is what we provide.  Hotel a/v companies need to fill technical operate positions with general hotel technicians, often without the background required.  You don’t want a entry level hotel tech learning a position during your meeting.

  4. BulletOur 5,000 square foot warehouse has the equipment to fit your plan, the venue, and your budget.  In-house storerooms are about 300 sq. ft. and that means a smaller inventory and practices of selling based on what’s in stock.

  5. BulletBottom line is Above the line has the people, technology, and freedom from high commissions, which means more flexibility when working with your budget.

Some items to look at when reading your quote:

  1. BulletPlasma, LCD or LED monitors are all considered High Definition but very few companies have upgraded their displays from 720p to 1080p.  All monitors in our inventory are true 1080p.

  2. BulletMost audiovisual vendors use older technology behind the scenes.  Older analog video gear lowers the picture quality, and is more likely to pick up hums and noise.  Watch out for words like vga, component, or composite.  Our video switching, routing, and distribution systems are all all digital (i.e. DVI, HD/SDI, or HDMI).

  3. BulletProjection can be a big part of a meeting.  Although there are some high quality LCD projectors, most general sessions should use DLP.  Again, 1080p and starting in the 7k lumen range.  LCD projectors are generally fine for breakouts.

  4. BulletThe monitor in your living room is most likely a plasma or LCD, this means it’s widescreen or (16:9 ratio).  Widescreen is everywhere, on your laptops and televisions, then why do most a/v companies quote the older 4:3 ratio screens.  It might be time to look for a 16’ wide by 9’ tall screen in place of the older 10.5‘x14’.

  5. BulletKeep an eye out for “service charges”.  In-house vendors often tack on an additional 18-20% charge on equipment and labor.  Sometimes these charges are tacked on during the meeting, and the venue may have this arrangement hidden in your hotel agreement.

Give us 24 hours and we will provide you with a detailed and easy to read quote for your next event.     sales@aboveav.com